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Masjid Se Nikalne Ki Dua – Dua For Leaving Mosque

As there is a dua for entering the Mosque, there is also a dua for leaving the Mosque. In this article, we teach you the masjid se nikalne ki dua, with its transliteration, translation in Urdu and English. So, let’s begin!

Masjid Se Nikalne Ki Dua

Mosque is the most sacred and important place for Muslims, where they pray five times a day. The first Mosque in Islam was the “Masjid e Quba” built by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Medina.

Uthman Bin Affan narrated that he heard Allah’s Messenger say: “Whoever builds a Masjid for (the sake of) Allah, then Allah will make a similar house for him in paradise”. (Sunan Tirmizi Hadith#318)  This Hadith shows the importance of the Mosque clearly.

Masjid Se Nikalne Ki Dua

1. Fatimah the Great narrated: When Allah’s Messenger entered the Masjid, He(SAW) Salat and Salam upon Muhammad and then said ( Rabbighfirli dhunubi, waftahli abwaba rahmatik). And when He exited, He said Salat and Salam upon Muhammad and then said: ( Rabbighfirli dunubi, waftahli abwaba rakmatik). (Sunan Tirmizi Hadith#314)

According to this hadith dua for leaving the Mosque with salat and salam is

رَبِّ اغْفِرْ لِي ذُنُوبِي وَافْتَحْ لِي أَبْوَابَ فَضْلِكَ

“Rabbighfirli Dunubi waftahli abwaba fazlik.”

“O Lord, pardon my sins and open the gates of your blessings for me.”

“اے رب میرے گناہوں کو معاف فرما، اور میرے لیے اپنی نعمتوں کے دروازے کھول دے’۔”

 Dua For Leaving Mosque

2. Abu Usaid al-Ansari reported the Messenger of Allah (SAW) as saying. When any of you enters the Mosque, he should invoke blessings on the Prophet (SAW), and then he should say “Allahummaftah li abwaba rahmatik.” And when he goes out, he should say, “ Allahumma inni as-aluka min fazlik”. (Sunan Abu Dawod Hadith#465)

بِسْمِ اللّٰہِ وَالصَّلٰوۃُ وَالسَّلَامُ عَلٰی رَسُوْلِ اللّٰہِ اَللّٰھُمَّ اِنِّیْٓ اَسْئَلُکَ مِنْ فَضْلِکَ

“Bismillahi was-salatu was-salamu ala rasolillahi Allahumma inni as-aluka min fazlik”

“With the name of Allah(I came out) and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, O Allah, open the doors of your grace for me.”

اللہ کے نام کے ساتھ (میں نکلتا ہوں) اور درود و سلام ہو رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم پر۔ اے اللہ! میرے لیے اپنے فضل کے دروازے کھول دے۔

Benefits of Masjid Se Nikalne Ki Dua

Every dua has its benefits; by reading Masjid se nikalne ki dua, we can get these benefits:

  • First of all, it will increase our virtues.
  • Our sins will be forgiven.
  • Allah will increase His blessings for us.
  • Allah will open the doors of grace to us. 
  • Satan will never come to us.
  • The desire to do good will arise in our hearts.

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It is said in the Hadith that actions depend on intention. So if you learn any dua, always read it by heart, memorizing its meaning. Duas always accept when they are asked from the heart. A dua that is prayed carelessly will not be accepted. So, always ask every dua by heart and take full advantage of Allah’s blessings.

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